"Lost time is never found again" - Benjamin Franklin

Hi, I am Adina Davidson.

When I became a mother I knew how meaningful it would be for me to have a visual history of my family to look back on. Time moves so quickly and I wanted to be able to find a way to hold onto life's moments - because they are fleeting. I have very few photos of my father and I miss him dearly. I cherish the photos I do have as they help me hold on to my memories of him; that time would otherwise have erased.

The photographs that are the most meaningful to me are ones that instantly take me back. I can feel the connection, emotion, and almost hear the sounds. They are unposed. They bring back forgotten expressions, details, and are of moments big and small. They reflect a life lived.

I am a child and family photographer based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am a mom to four beautiful, loud, hilarious children and have been married for 21 years. I absolutely love our community in downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro - the music, art, small businesses, farmers' markets, parks, fall festivals, universities, and especially the people. Our community is the context within which our life unfolds and our memories are made - it shapes who we are and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Some moments with my family

From the Founder & Editor of Pantsuit Nation

From the Founder & Editor of Pantsuit Nation

“Adina's photography stood out among tens of thousands, and I was thrilled to include her work in the Pantsuit Nation book published with Flatiron Books in 2017 -- the first 2-page spread featured. Her photography is both intimate and universal, our audience could see both how personal that moment in time was to her family, but also see themselves reflected in her work. She was also so easy to work with -- responsive, enthusiastic, and committed to the project. I can't recommend working with her enough!”



“Adina has done photo sessions for both my family and for my store, Glee Kids, several times. Her calm temperament helps put everyone at ease which helps the photos look natural and unstaged. I have always been thrilled with the photos she gives me after the sessions and would recommend her services to anyone who needs professional quality personal or business photos.”

What Clients Are Saying...

We call Adina “magic". Somehow she manages to wrangle our big family of six and capture those perfect little moments – her eye for that is unreal AND she makes the experience easy, relaxing and fun! Adina has the incredible gift of easing stress and creating joy.  I have a serious fear of the camera, and I always feel like I look terrible in photos. Adina does an amazing job putting me at ease, and taking beautiful photographs. Adina's candids - especially the artistic black & whites, truly tell a story. For the past 8 years, the family photo we chose for the our holiday card was one that Adina took during our annual shoot. When I get the highly anticipated "sneak peaks" of a few shots from the day, my heart just explodes! It is incredible to look back at our family photos and compare how much has changed over the years! Adina has an uncanny knack for capturing all of our personalities as well as the love Nick and I have for our kids and each other. Our fall photo shoot is something I look forward to year after year. The results are breathtaking, heartwarming, and treasured. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Adina! We are all just crazy about you. - Corly J.

We have had the absolute pleasure of having Adina photograph our family over the years. There are many reasons we choose her again and again, but what stands out most is her ability to magically present the essence of each of our personalities as well as capture the family dynamics and relationships. She is always flexible and understanding when it comes to kids and real life that happens on a photo shoot. She makes everyone comfortable, keeps everyone engaged in the process, and knows just the things to do and say to get us to shine our brightest, true selves. -Lisa L.

Absolutely all of our favorite family photos were taken by Adina over the years. She's THE BEST. She makes my kids feel comfortable so their photos end up looking like them, as they are, and not stiff or awkward. The composition, lighting and softness of the photos is always perfect. Even my dog cooperates for an Adina photo shoot! I truly treasure the photos she has taken of our family every year. - Rachel B.

Working with Adina was a real treat and so much fun. We laughed the whole time! Her unassuming style and gentle direction put us at entirely at ease, and her superb talent for catching the simple, natural essence of her subjects gave us a collection of photos that we will treasure for always. Thank you Adina! -Karen W.

I love the moments Adina has captured of our family! We have even driven 4 hours from DC for her to do so. She is fantastic with children and instantly made our family feel at ease with each session because she allows us to be ourselves. She has an eye and style that brought our family to life in our photos. We love you, Adina! - Marissa A.

Adina is AMAZING at capturing emotion in her photography. I loved how she had the perfect blend of letting moments happen and knowing how to direct both children and adults into scenarios and set ups that allow for truly amazing pictures. We loved our photo shoots with her and the pictures are always a treasure for our family. - Marney W.

I can't say enough good things about Adina's photography! She's been taking pictures of our family for years and we have *never* had a bad session. She manages to not only make everyone look good, but the kids have fun during the photo session! And in the end, we're left with amazing images that not only capture our likeness but also our personalities. The only problem we've ever had - choosing which images to print! - Jen W.

We have had now three sessions with Adina over the past couple of years and I am beyond thrilled with every photograph! She takes the most gorgeous photos, but also manages to catch our personalities and relationships as well. We just had a session and I am already looking forward to the next one! - Megan H.